10 things I wish I learned sooner

Welcome back pals,

I have an old instagram account I used to use before I set my whole personal life to ‘private’ in 2020 and I was scrolling some of the old posts the other day. Coming up to my 30th, I did 30 feed posts all titled ’30 Things I wish I knew before turning 30′.

Alot, and I mean A LOT has changed since then. I’ve grown more, made some big life changes, and have become calmer and resilient as a person. Naturally, some of the things I mentioned wouldn’t actually make the cut if I were to type it again.

I believe as you grow, and have more grief, heartbreaks, falls and change, some things become less important. Stuff that used to bother me before doesn’t impact me as much.
Small things that would have stressed me out, don’t even scratch the surface now.
And more importantly, the things, problems and even people I used to waste energy on, I don’t allow beyond my boundaries anymore.

So here are TEN things I wish I learned sooner the updated version…
*in no order of importance.

1. Keep your circle small. Having a friend, or a small group of friends you can call at any time, and truly be your authentic self, is invaluable. Invest your time in these friendships.

2. Never be too proud to ask for help.
A. Personally. If you’re feeling low, anxious or even a little lost. Ask a friend, a GP or a therapist for help. Never feel like you’re a burden and reach out.
And B. Professionally. Outsource. Stop trying to do everything yourself. You don’t NEED to do everything, ask for some advice/help from colleagues or others.

3. Stop saying YES to shit you don’t want to do. You don’t need to make up a quick excuse if you don’t want to go somewhere. Just be honest and say you don’t want to go, it’s not your cup of tea or that your social battery is already flat. I used to attend the opening of an envelope for years, and now I’m happy to say no to stuff when I feel like my plate is already full or I simply don’t want to do.

4. Learn to enjoy your own company. It may take some time and some practise but at the end of the day, we only have ourselves.

5. People who make assumptions about you and believe you love yourself for making yourself a priority, usually don’t love themselves at all and need to work on that rather than shitting on others. Do not allow other people’s opinions of you affect you.

6. A good sleep can solve almost anything.

7. You can actually spend your money on whatever you want. If you want to work all month to holiday in nice places, and not have any savings… that is your own business. What you do with your money, and your free time should be done guilt free!

8. Stop marking people down. We are quick to judge people by simply a glance. Being more open minded when you meet people can lead to amazing friendships or connections with people you may have never given a chance to if you judged them by appearance alone.

9. Over working and promoting a 24/7 hustle isn’t glamour. You need to rest and realise that the line between over working and hustle is actually burnout, and not something that should be applauded. Have a day off hun.

10. If it’s still in your mind, it’s worth taking a risk.
Take this whatever way you want; your career, your own business idea, a relationship (new or old) or perhaps travel… But the majority of you thought of something when you read this… And that’s worth fighting for. Go get it.

Until after the BH lovers,
Stay stay, stay sexy

Jos x

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